Recruitment and Selection Process

All permanent employees are hired on the basis of merit.


Successful applicants will become permanent officers after a probation period, unless notified otherwise.

Residency Requirements

Applicants must be either Australian citizens, or have permanent resident status.

Eligibility/Other Requirements

The qualifications required for positions within the Commission are contained in the ‘What you require – professional/technical skills and knowledge’.

All applicants must be fluent in English.

All Integrity Commission employees are required to undergo employment screening. All positions are a Position of Trust 1 and therefore, if you are selected for a position you will be required to gain and maintain a Baseline National Security Clearance. If this clearance is not successful, your employment in the role will not commence.

Section 50 of the Integrity Commission Act provides that the Commissioner must not appoint a person as a member of staff of the commission if the person is or has, in the 5 years immediately before the day of the proposed appointment, been an ACT public servant.

Selection process

Please read these guidelines carefully and ensure you ADDRESS EACH CAPABILITY in the ‘WHAT YOU REQUIRE’ section before submitting your application.

Who can I contact to talk about the position?

Before submitting your application, you may find it useful to talk to the contact officer to discuss the position in more detail and to help you establish whether you have the skills and experience we are seeking. Our advertisement will give the name and contact details of a staff member who has detailed knowledge of the position.

What do I need to include in my application?

Your application must include three parts:

  1. The application cover sheet
  2. A copy of your resume
  3. Your response to the capabilities in the What you Require section - this is a separate written statement in which you should explain clearly how your experience and knowledge would help you to meet each of these capabilities.

Because we will initially assess your suitability as a prospective staff member based on your application, it is in your interest to provide a persuasive application that clearly highlights your skills, capabilities and experience.

Your response to the selection criteria is a very important part of your application, as the criteria define the core skills, capabilities, applied knowledge and personal characteristics that, in combination, underpin effective performance in the ACT Integrity Commission. This is your opportunity to communicate effectively to the assessment team that you should be short-listed for further consideration.

The assessment team will not be persuaded by mere assertions - you should support your claims with specific examples from your experience. The assessment team will be interested in what you have done, how well you did it, what you achieved, and how it relates to the requirements of the job. Be descriptive in your examples, but keep your responses brief and to the point - it is important that you use this part of your application to demonstrate your written skills and ability to communicate effectively.

You are not obliged to address the selection criteria in detail. Rather, you should take the opportunity to bring to the assessment team's attention matters that you consider address the core requirements of the position.

Your response to the capabilities criteria should not exceed one to one a half A4 page(s) per capability – information supplied in excess of this limit will not be considered.