Message from the Commissioner

The integrity of the legislative, judicial and executive functions is essential to community confidence in the ACT system of government.

With the passage of the Integrity Commission Act in November 2018, the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory made provision for a comprehensive legislative framework which establishes this Integrity Commission to investigate and expose corruption in the ACT public sector.

It is a most significant honour to have been appointed as the ACT’s first Integrity Commissioner under that legislation.

Corruption of any type erodes community trust in our public institutions and threatens good governance. This Commission will work tirelessly to fulfil its legislative functions to foster public confidence in the ACT’s public sector by investigating allegations of corruption, researching corruption, mitigating the risks of corruption, publishing information concerning the Commission’s investigations, and providing public education on the operation of the Integrity Commission Act.

From 1 December 2019, the Integrity Commission is able to receive complaints about alleged corrupt conduct across the ACT public sector. It will prioritise the investigation of serious corrupt conduct and systemic corrupt conduct but that does not mean that less serious or singular instances of corruption will be overlooked.

I look forward to working across the ACT public sector to ensure that corrupt conduct is detected, investigated and, through the Commission’s reports, held up for public scrutiny and further action by the relevant authorities.

Dennis Cowdroy
ACT Integrity Commissioner

Making a corruption complaint

Any person is able to make a complaint to the Commission about conduct that may be corrupt conduct by a person or organisation that is covered by the Integrity Commission Act.

Making a mandatory corruption notification

Certain persons have a legal obligation to report conduct that they suspect on reasonable grounds is serious or systemic corrupt conduct.