How to make a complaint about corruption

Making a corruption complaint

Any person is able to make a complaint to the Commission about conduct that may be corrupt conduct by a person or organisation that is covered by the Integrity Commission Act.

A corruption complaint may be made to the Commission either orally or in writing by using any form of electronic communication. Visit our ‘Contact us’ page for details.

However, if a complaint is made orally, the Commission may put the complaint in writing or require the person lodging the complaint (the complainant) to put the complaint in writing. If the complainant does not comply with this requirement, the Commission may decline to investigate the corruption complaint until such time as the complainant complies with this requirement.

Complaints are able to be made to the Commission anonymously. However, anonymous complaints impact the Commission’s ability to seek further information and, in some cases, may impact its ability to progress a complaint.

See sections 57 and 58 of the Integrity Commission Act