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Complaints are able to be made to the Commission anonymously. However, anonymous reports impact our ability to seek further information and, in some cases, may impact our ability to progress your report. If you are not reporting anonymously, please provide at least one means of contacting you (i.e. by phone, email, post, or some other method).

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If you don't know an exact time or date, please provide an approximate (for example, January 2013). If the conduct happened more than once, then please list the approximate timeframes.

Include as much detail as possible. Where known, include the address and any other location-specific information that will assist the Commission in understanding where the conduct occurred.

Include as much detail as possible, including (where known) a person’s first name and surname, the name of the organisation that they work for, and the position or role that they hold within an organisation.

Include as many details as possible, including any actual or potential impacts that you believe are associated with the suspected corrupt conduct and, where known, the names of any persons that you believe may have witnessed or have knowledge of the suspected corrupt conduct.

Include any other information that you think will assist the Commission is assessing the suspected corrupt conduct.

If you wish to upload documents relevant to your complaint (e.g. Word documents, photos, or other supporting information), please do so below. Please note that the total size for all files uploaded cannot exceed 100mb. It may take a number of minutes to upload large files, depending on the speed of your internet connection. During this time do not click the ‘refresh’ or ‘back’ buttons on your browser. In order to provide larger documents, files or other information, please contact the Commission at or (02) 6205 9899 (during business hours).

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